Website Partner – Innovative Digital Experience

We also offer you valuable website partnership because your website will always be changing! As a website partner, we are your dedicated team of business and technology professionals. Whether you require a brand identity, Strategy, Content, Product development, Application development, brand new website, robust changes, or valuable tweaks, our partnership empowers us to build, secure and maintain your website/product optimally. And as your partner, we train you to make most website changes yourself, providing you with the flexibility and control that you deserve. We create the simplest to the most sophisticated processes, providing you with an SSL certificate, and our state-of-the-art servers assure you have 99.9% uptime. Our innovative website partnership gives you ongoing access to our highly experienced support team, in-house content writers, in-house graphic designers, technology experts and full development agency. For a fraction of the cost of high-profile website development companies, we provide you with infrastructure, design with SEO optimized content, platform development, reliability, security, and ongoing changes — even on the fly!

Online Reputation Management

Growth99’s proven Online Reputation Management (ORM) system is a dynamic tool that helps your business to perform at a high level by managing your online reviews — which includes deflecting negative reviews back to our portal so that you can take action before it hits the web! The ORM increases traffic to your website and improves your company’s online ranking.

Technology Partner

As your technology partner, be assured that you will benefit from our most advanced consulting and technology expertise. This partnership includes evaluating your software options and offering our expert advice on what apps and IT components will give you the optimal growth experience. We offer sales process and lead management consulting that will help you to choose the appropriate technology and utilize it effectively. Additionally, we provide you with custom code programming and development work, along with API integrations. We also have the ability to leverage sophisticated platforms so that your custom projects can be successfully integrated.

Social Media Partner

Let us help you take that next step up to increase your website traffic and business growing! We offer a superb Media Partner package that includes the bronze, silver and gold plans, plus more! With this package, you will get custom development of your website, content and more. This will be valuable not only for your website but your business as well! Also included is Facebook advertising, Google advertising, advertising graphics and content as well as social media posts and automated postings! In this day and age, you need to be present everywhere on the Internet, so let us help you with our incredible in-house team of content writers, graphic designers, website designers, SEO experts and more! Nowadays, consumers judge a company by it’s website, so let us help you bring that “wow” factor into play and watch how things go up from there!

Content Digitization

‘Go-Paperless’ is new age resolution to better organize age old data and access it instantly. Digitization converts physical documents into digital files. These digital files can then be easily accessed and even searched using database systems. Locating files easier and quicker than ever. We specialize in digitizing documents using state-of- the-art scanners to ensure digital copies are of highest quality. We index documents as per our customer’s need for searching and sorting. We handle HR records, Financial documentation, Client files, Personnel files, Study records, Job applicant resumes and applications, Health care forms, Medical records, Legal documents and many more.

SEO Partner

We want to be your SEO Partner to help optimize your website for search engines to find you first! We want to help you increase traffic to your website and services. This includes the bronze and silver plan, so you will have access to an entire team dedicated to helping your website and business grow! We will provide website content that is constantly evaluated by our team to ensure high volume traffic. We also include monthly blogs written by professional writers to engage your audience. With SEO Partner, we will give you configured advanced SEO meta tags, key word indexing, configured organic SEO, configured H1 tags and meta tags. We will also provide listings on over 100 portals, back linking, affiliate networking and review management. With all of this, we also provide you with 1 terabyte of secure storage so that all of your information is protected and easily accessible for you and our team. We constantly work to evaluate and keep up to date on trends in the Internet world so you don’t have to.

Business Growth

Our business growth services rely on a combination of proprietary software and individual human interaction. As a Growth99 partner, you will benefit from the insight and service of a personal Customer Success Consultant who will get to know your industry, the full particulars of your business, and your company’s specific technical needs, using this information and our technology to create a personalized roadmap for your real and measurable growth.